District Science Fair Honorees

The 69th annual Bartlesville District Science Fair was held February 20-25 in an all-new virtual format, due to COVID-19.  More than 140 students participated in the educational event, and seven Wayside Elementary School students earned recognition.

Jonathan Lai received a medal for his project "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz - How Fast the Reaction Is" across grades 4-6, as did Anika Mehta for her project "One Word, Two Words, Red Words, Blue Words". Avnee Pansare received a medal across grades 1-3 for her project "Colorful Density".

Honorable mentions across grades 1-3 went to Katie Farnham for "Separating the Rainbow" and to Margaret King for "Puff Puff in the Microwave". 

Honorable mentions across grades 4-6 went to Peter King for "Egg-celent Buoyancy" and to Rohin Paidisetty for "Plant: The Hero - Can plants stop soil erosion?"